Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the GeoPrinter?

The GeoPrinter is a turnkey service linked via the free GeoPrinter PDF Utility for creating and digitally printing high resolution large format maps and graphics. Maps can be created on the web using the MapMaker Wizard or with your existing desktop mapping, GIS or graphics software using the GeoPrinter PDF Utility for creating large format PDF document output. The GeoPrinter PDF Utility is Windows-based and absolutely FREE.

2. How does the GeoPrinter PDF Utility work?

The GeoPrinter PDF Utility is a Windows print driver that enables you to quickly and easily generate large wall size PDF format maps (in custom or 9 default sizes up to 9 X 12 feet) from any desktop mapping or GIS software package. It is accessible as one of the available printers from the 'Print' menu. The utility is dynamically linked back to this website for customers to upload their PDF document file (s) and place an order to get a professional high resolution digitally printed wall size maps or other large output shipped to them for delivery as soon as the next business day.

3. Who is the GeoPrinter PDF Utility for?

Anyone with a desktop mapping, GIS, or graphics package who would have a potential need for large format digitally printed wall maps or who just might like to share electronic PDF format single page documents with colleagues.

4. Can I create PDFs from any Windows application?

Absolutely! However, under our free distribution license, the utility limits you to printing to just a single page, so you will not be able to create PDFs for files that are more than a single page.

5. Can I order digital print jobs for something other than maps, such as graphics or signs?

Sure! We expect there will be many uses for this large format printing service we have not even considered. However, we reserve the right to reject print job orders we deem to be inappropriate for any reason.

6. Can I order digital print jobs for PDF documents created with other PDF creation applications?

Yes, however for the best digital print quality, we HIGHLY recommend maps and graphics be created at 600dpi or higher with embedded fonts and symbols.